Fasten you seats belts and get ready, New Jersey’s “Click It or Ticket” enforcement program has returned!  You would think something so important like wearing your seat belt would have a program that ran all year long. Apparently it must be even more important to wear your seat belt this time of year though, unless of course you’re in a cab, bus or train.

Is it right to be forced to wear a seat belt?


In fact the topic of seat belts on trains has come up in light of  the recent Amtrak derailment.   Personally I think wearing a seat belt should be a personal choice and not a law. I think the “Click it or Ticket” program is nothing but a money grab disguised as a safety concern.  This is a program in a state that spends way too much time trying to find ways to take our money.

When I read about towns being awarded $4000 in business grants to help pay for the additional patrols and checkpoints, I see that as spending money to make money.  During last year’s campaign, 26,635 tickets were issued in New Jersey, a hike from 2013 when 26,049 tickets were issued. In addition to seat belt citations, police officers also wrote 692 child restraint and 4,363 speeding citations, and 944 DWI arrests

I wonder how much NJ legislators will be concerned with ‘Click It Or Ticket” if or when the program stops turning a profit.

Do you think we should be forced to wear seat belts? Take the poll below.

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