As you may have heard or read, the state has made more arrests in Lakewood concerning welfare and Medicaid fraud.

It happens in every community in this state, and there's only one way to stop it. End it! Scrap the whole program. Unless you have no arms and no legs, you don't get a dime.


And while we're on the subject of New Jersey working taxpayers getting fleeced, why has there been no action by the legislature to end sick time payouts for retiring state workers? This legal abuse is costing us BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS of dollars every year and nothing is done to stop this practice. Why? Are there not senators or Assembly persons working on this?

Yes, there are a number of right-minded Republicans AND Democrats (remarkably) who have written legislation to end this tremendous drain on the state treasury. But the people in charge in both houses refuse to bring it to a votes. Why?!?! Because they owe their political fortunes and political futures to the powerful public unions that would be affected by such a long overdue, common sense measure.

It's disgusting and unacceptable. At least one employee is expected to get a $500,000 payout. They're called "boat checks" in this state. A half-a-million-dollar check can buy one hell of a friggin boat!

It is a slap in the face to every taxpayer in this state, the majority of whom do NOT have a state pension or golden parachute when they leave their jobs.

You can complain and decry the people in Lakewood in this latest round of arrests, and you should. But the "legal fraud" being perpetrated on all working people in NJ is the bigger crime and no one is willing to get it done.

You can point directly at Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto and Senate President Steve Sweeny for not ending this bloodletting of hard working New Jersey taxpayers. Many have already fled to other states and when the new Governor gets in, likely Democrat Phil "Moneybags" Murphy, it'll only get worse. I'd start investing in land in Delaware or North Carolina ASAP, because it looks like the bleeding will soon get a lot worse.


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