If one thing's certain in life, it's taxes. And if one topic was certainly going to dominate Wednesday's edition of "Ask The Governor" featuring Chris Christie — it was going to be taxes.

The day before, Christie dropped a bombshell of a plan he says would scale back property taxes in 75 percent of New Jersey school districts — by doing away with the state's complex aid formula that sends more help to urban schools, and allocating exactly the same amount of aid for every regular-education student in New Jersey.

Wednesday, Christie said he not only expects that to mean layoffs in the other 25 percent but school closings — and argued that's exactly what should happen in some districts.

Christie had previously hinted the proposal on Ask The Governor — but in May, still wouldn't say what it was.

The governor could be asked in just days to sign a plan to hike the state's gas tax by an estimated 23 cents — a plan to save the state's Transportation Trust Fund. But he told host Eric Scott he's still not convinced the plan does enough to offset other taxes.

In previous editions of Ask The Governor, Christie talked about his plans to take over Atlantic City. Now that the city's been given a deadline to get its fiances back in order, Christie says he'll be watching the situation closely — but didn't sound optimistic they'll get there. Instead, Christie said, he's "realistic" and "can't wait" to see what Mayor Don Guardian does.

And Christie says his friend and former rival Donald Trump is more than ready to run a national campaign, despite having a war chest dwarfed by Democrat Hillary Clinton's. Clinton will need that money to get past the "tested" presumptive GOP nominee, Christie said.

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