Today is Aug 12 and for students in Milwaukee, it's back to school. Same for students in Maine, Okaloosa County Florida, Santa Rosa County California, and metro Atlanta. Parents in Palm Beach County Florida are up in arms because of a proposed start date of Aug 10 next year. More and more schools across the country are starting earlier that the week of Labor Day. Here's hoping New Jersey doesn't go with the trend.

I say that not only because I'm the father of 12 year old twin boys who feel the same way about school as their Dad did, but as a former New Jersey business owner who's owned 2 coffee houses at the shore, one in Sea Isle City and one in Ocean Grove. This is the time of year shore business owners see a drop in sales as well as help as the older students are going back to college. Many shore business owners will find themselves working doubles through Labor Day weekend because there's simply one to be found.

There are those who say that the summer is too long and vacations were only given to help with the farming in the old days. Some say there's too long a gap and children shouldn't be away from school that long. I say let the kids squeeze as many days as possible in the summer time and parents should spend as much time as possible with them. That's where the memories are made. Think of it as "Friends and Family 101." Make the most of it and you will pass with flying colors.

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