If you haven't heard about the latest school bus driver to be caught speeding by a New Jersey 101.5 listener, check out Dan Alexander's article. A listener clocked the vehicle at 90 mph on the Parkway. It was a school minivan and it is not known whether children were inside.

Now don't misconstrue what I'm about to say as condoning a school bus driver speeding. A school bus is a special category because of the obviously precious cargo they carry every day. And 90 mph is inexcusable. But it brings up the question, how much excessive speed is too much? While 1 mph over the posted speed limit can technically get you pulled over, in the real world it won't.

So the question is, in real world driving, what do you consider speeding? Is it anything over 75 in a 65? Is it anything over 80? How many miles per hour over the posted speed limit is too much? At what point can you expect to be pulled over by law enforcement?

We've all heard stories about someone saying they passed a cop doing 80 or even 85 and the officer didn't blink an eye. Were they exaggerating? Or are these stories simply the exception that proves the rule? How fast is too fast? Take our poll below.

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