Coaches hate to talk to the press; Greg Schiano needs to talk to the press. First he needs to talk to a lawyer and get proof that will save his career. The question that will define Greg Schiano's legacy from this day forward is the same one that haunted Penn State coach Joe Paterno: "What if anything did he know and when did he know it? The former Rutgers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach and current Ohio State defensive coordinator came so close to becoming the head coach at the Tennessee, but then this skeleton came out of the closet.

You could make the case that if ever there was perfect choice to be the head coach of Tennessee it would be Schiano. He made the Rutgers football program Big Ten worthy, coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Giants fans will remember the Buc players jumping the huddle during their game ending victory formation. He's currently the defensive coordinator at Ohio State, a job once held by current Rutgers head coach Chris Ash.

But before all that from 1990-95 Schiano was a Penn State assistant coach during the time Jerry Sandusky was molesting children to the tune 45 count conviction in 2012. Schiano claims he knew nothing of this, yet in a 2015 courtroom deposition Mike McQueary, a former grad assitant who said he walked in on Sandusky and a boy in the shower, testified that Schiano saw something similar. McQueary claims he got that information from assistant coach Tom Bradley. There was no followup or investigation and nothing has ever been made of it. Until now.

Now if what Schiano claims is right and he didn't know anything about the goings on at Penn State, he needs to clear his name now before it gets any worse. Time to get a lawyer and fight McQueary's claim. Get statements from both McQueary and Tom Bradley on what they KNOW of Schiano's involvement and get it out there.

At the very thought of his hiring, Tennessee students are protesting. The White house press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasted Tennessee officials on Facebook, how long before his Ohio State job comes under scrutiny by groups that protest first and get the facts later?

Funny how after all the Penn State coverage when it was all going down, this is the first we are hearing of Schiano having any knowledge. His record at Rutgers speaks for itself. Want a character reference? Ask Eric LeGrand, whom Schiano has become a second father to after his paralyzing injury. The man has a stellar reputation and it's up to him to save it with more than a tweet. His career hangs in the balance.

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