Last night, Sayreville High School canceled the rest of the 2014 football season. The exact reason has not been disclosed yet, but many are saying that hazing and abuse went on between teammates behind the scenes.

Sayreville High School sign
Sayreville High School sign (PIX 11)

From what’s being reported or not reported, you get the feeling that whatever happened went beyond the goofy hazing stuff that seniors will do to freshmen like making them carry their equipment, take cold showers, or carry the water.

But who’s to blame for this loss of season? This could have been a season where some on the team could have earned college scholarships, possibly went on to the pros. But I know who’s to blame - and it’s not the School Superintendent, or the coaches, or even the bullies. I think the entire team is to blame here.

Being on a team is about loyalty. On the field, you lay your body out to protect your teammate. If a fight breaks out, you should be in there ready to defend your teammates. So why didn’t that happen in the locker room? How could anyone on that team stand by and watch whatever happened happen without either saying something or doing something?  When you’re on a team, you have a responsibility to your teammates to keep them safe both on the field and off. The Sayreville High School Football team showed a lack of that responsibility and now they will pay the price. Those athletes who had the chance for scholarships will pay a bigger one.

Who would you blame for the cancellation on the Sayreville football season?

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