BELLEVILLE — Attention Santa: At least until next year, giving out weed is going to get you on New Jersey authorities' naughty list.

A local sandwich shop is being chided for a video that appears to portray Santa giving out bags of marijuana. Telling customers "Even Santa gets the munchies," Fat House posted the minute-long "Santa in the Hood" video to Facebook just a few days ahead of Christmas.

Santa says in the video the hood is his favorite place to deliver "trees — real Christmas trees" — and then holds up a bag of something leafy and green. Santa then makes his way through town, giving out bags.

"That's also why I light up trees with my good, get-naughty homie, Rudolph," he says, appearing to light up a joint. The ad goes onto say that the only problem with lighting up trees is the munchies — where the sandwich shops's products comes in.

It didn't go over well with off followers of Fat House's Facebook page.

"You lost customers with this s--ty video," Shawn Juliano Foresta wrote. "Maybe a nice push to close your business down."

Fat House replied: "Have a Happy Holiday."

"You DO NOT advertise your business by promoting illegal drug use and distribution!!" Joanne La Stella wrote. "It's just that friken simple!! There are many other appropriate ways to promote your business!!!"

But for every Joanne La Stella, there was a Nigel Hopkin: "I never cared to stop in this place and I don't ever get the munchies but I will stop in to show my support now since I'm sick of people 'being offended' and acting so self righteous. Do your thing Fat House. Support small businesses."

By Wednesday morning, the video had been viewed more than 5,000 times.

A story by notes Fat House has marketed to pot-smokers before — and it offers a discount under the coupon code "Munchies."

Elven Espinar, the owner of Fat House, told marijuana is far from the biggest problem in Belleville.

"I think the police have done an excellent job cracking down on the drug activity in this town," the said. "I think people should focus on [the] more important issue, which is the crime rate in our town. And as a town we should support local businesses because owning and operating a business in Belleville isn't easy."

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