Written by: Jay Black

I'm not sure what rabble is, but man I sure do like when it's roused.

America has a long tradition of rabble-rousers. In fact, I think it might be fair to say that America was made great by people rabble-rousing British tea into harbors or rabble-rousing Nazis out of France or rabble-rousing Neil Armstrong onto the moon and so on and so on.

I must confess that I have a soft spot in my heart for those who see rabble and then get to rousing. It's part of why I like Spadea so much. It's also part of the reason I never got angry at Colin Kaepernick. It's even why no matter how much I disagree with President Trump, I can't help a giggle or two when he gets people so angry.

So, when I heard my son was causing some issue in his fourth grade class by doing his public-speaking project on "Why It's Wrong for Parents to Lie to their Kids about the Existence of Santa Claus", it was hard for me to find the same kind of alarm that my wife did (or the same kind of horror that Jessica Nutt expressed when she heard about it on this week's podcast).

Yes, I know that he stole some magic away from kids right around the last time they can feel magic without the assistance of something illegal. And yes, I know that he made life difficult at home for parents who might not have wanted to have that conversation yet. And for sure he created issue with younger siblings getting caught up in the discussion...

But man did he ever rouse some rabble.

And before you sharpen your commenting finger, I know he probably shouldn't have chosen that topic. Had I known ahead of time that's what he was doing, I would have told him not to.

The fact that he did, though, and the fact that he was willing to risk the enmity of his classmates to do so made me awful proud.

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