The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced recently that 12 more people in five states have become ill from salmonella.

So far, there's one reported case in New Jersey.

The outbreak is being linked to eggs produced by Rose Acre Farms' Hyde County Farm, according to the CDC. As a result, the CDC is encouraging people to not consume eggs from the farm, and to either return eggs they have already bought or throw them away.

Eggs from the farm are sold under several brands including Coburn Farms, Country Daybreak, Food Lion, Glenview, Great Value, Nelms, Publix, Sunshine Farms and Sunups. Customers are encouraged to check for a plant number of P-1065 on the cartons, or a plant number of P-1359D for the Publix and Sunups eggs. The cartons will also have a Julian Date of 048A or 049A for the Publi and Sunups eggs, or a Julian date between 011 and 102 for the other brands. The eggs will also have a best by date of between April 2 and 3.

The New Jersey case was reported in the first announcement about the outbreak on April 16. So far, 35 people have been infected in nine states. Out of the 35 cases, 11 have resulted in people being hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported. Virginia and New York have the most number of reported cases with eight each, while Pennsylvania has five cases so far, and North Carolina has five.

The Salmonella outbreak came at the same time as an E. coli outbreak that has resulted in 121 people getting sick in 25 states. One death has been linked to the E. coli outbreak as well.

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