The only college or university in the country that has decided to take the reins back from snowflake students is Rutgers. In recent memory, colleges have been bullied into divesting companies, firing employees, removing historical statues and more — all because of pressure from their know-nothing-feel-everything student bodies.

When a speaking event featuring Lisa Daftari, founder of the news websThe Foreign Desk and a frequent Fox News Channel contributor, was scheduled, aforementioned snowflakes went crazy. Irony: the speech scheduled was to focus on free speech.

The Fox News association was probably enough for these students, but they really got nuts because of statements she has made about Islamic Terrorism, including this “Islamic terror takes its guidance and teachings from the Quran, which is Sharia law.” Oh, yeah. That’s actually a fact. Not ones to let the truth get in their way, They whined and protested and petitioned themselves into a frenzy, but Rutgers stood firm.

Hey Rutgers, You’ve done our state proud.

Update: After this post was written, Rutgers announced it was postponing Daftari's appearance, but did not disclose a reason for the postponement.   

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