I book a lot of comedy fundraisers and I always hate the part where the committee wants to see clips of the comedians. These are usually people who can't agree on what to order for lunch now they want to all agree on comedy which is totally subjective to the individual. This reminds me of what's going on at Rutgers where they finally came around and agreed to let Lisa Daftari speak after first defending inviting Rutgers graduate and Middle East expert Lisa Daftari to speak on "Radicalism on College Campuses" and then "postponing" the event thanks to a student who has accused Daftari of being an "Islamophobe."

Daftari discussed the "postponement" on twitter:


As well as her disappointment with not being allowed to speak at her alma mater:

What I find upsetting about this is that Rutgers caved to the wishes of a student who disagrees with their speaker choice and would knuckle under to a petition. I'm also very disappointed in the student who if he really believes Daftari to be an "Islamophobe" wouldn't relish the change to confront her about it in the Q and A session that would have taken place at the event? Wouldn't that be the exchange of viewpoints that you would want at such an event?

It's great that the students of Rutgers feel empowered that they have a say in who gets to speak to them and who doesn't. but if they're only picking the ones that agree with them, then where are they learning and growing?

I'm reminded of the line from Star Trek where Mr Spock reminds Captain Kirk that 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one" It should be the school, not the students who decide the need since that's what we're paying them for.


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