Kvetch: (from the Urban Dictionary)

(verb) Piss and moan; whine; from the Yiddish;

(noun) a person who habitually kvetches (usually used for females)


I got tired of kvetching about life in the great Garden State, so I packed up the U-Haul and moved to Delaware!

Instead of becoming a total kvetch, I decided to take my issues to the first Town Hall meeting at Ryder tonight and kvetch my head off!

Perfect usage of the term, and timely too, since tonight is the first time that all the 101.5 talk personalities (or big "machers". I'll save that one for another time!) will be together to hear your kvetching about what to do to improve life here.

Come prepared to kvetch…we’ll be there with ears open! 7PM tonight at Yvonne Hall on the Ryder Campus in Lawrenceville.

Anything in particular you’d like to kvetch about? Please share!

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