Ron Zold, owner of the Venice Plaza Restaurant in Ptiman, has said that "he was so poor growing up, that he ate peanut butter sandwiches for Thanksgiving." Zold made a promise to himself that he would do everything in his power not to let that happen to others. Now with the help from People for the Poor, Zold is able to do just that.

(Flickr User: Salvation Army USA West)

This year his goal is to give 2800 Turkey dinners to anyone and everyone who has nothing and no where to go. He is giving 500 dinners to Sister Jean's Kitchen in Atlantic City, and 200 to Christan Caring in Browns Mills, along with other places. Zold is able to do this through People for the Poor.

People for the Poor is an organization founded by Mike Scott and Caroline Scherrer to help the desolate, the poorest of the poor - those who have nothing at all.

If you’re looking to give to an organization where you can trust that what you give will go directly to those who need it, you should consider donating to People for the Poor.