TRENTON — More than 10 cars and trucks were struck by rocks thrown off a Route 1 rail trestle on Friday afternoon.

Photojournalist Brian McCarthy was among those hit as he drove north on Route 1 between Perry Street and Olden Avenue about 1 p.m. He said he saw the rocks coming down from the overpass.

"All of a sudden, BANG. If it had gone through it would have killed me," McCarthy said.

The rocks were about the size of a baseball, the kind found on a railroad line bed, according to McCarthy.

McCarthy said he looked up and saw vehicles pulled off in a line along the side of the highway. He said a rock went clean through one woman's windshield and got stuck in some others.

"The rocks were being thrown with accuracy off the trestle. It wasn't random," McCarthy said. He could not see who was throwing the rocks.

McCarthy did not see any ambulances respond to the scene.

Route 1 is a divided two-lane highway with a posted speed limit of 50 mph, according to the state Department of Transportation

McCarthy said there is an access path next to the railroad tracks. "As you're looking at the Trenton Times building, it's 200 yard up the path near Olden Avenue."

He saw police drive down the path, which is known for attracting vagrants.

Trenton Police, Mercer County Sheriff's officers and a Humane Society police officer assisted motorists.

Trenton police did not immediately return a request for comment.

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