Yup, with leaders like the Ridgewood High School Principal at the helm, kids are sure to be safe. He sent a letter home to parents warning of the danger of the annual "Dart Wars" Nerf gun tournament during this period of "heightened awareness of shootings". That's right, Nerf guns are part of the problem. Wow. His name is Thomas Gorman and he thought that the best use of his time was to make parents feel guilty if they don't discourage their kids from participating in the annual activity. Give me a break. How many of these kids that don't play will head home to the video screen for the security of violent mayhem in a number of video games that have helped to desensitize a generation of students to murder and mayhem? I'm not blaming video games for the current rash of violence, but they're certainly a lot more violent than a student running around outside and 'shooting' a friend with a Nerf 'bullet'. Are water 'guns' next on Principal "Think-of-the-children" Gorman's agenda? Summer will be here before you know it.

Meanwhile, back in reality, we have schools that are still left vulnerable throughout the state, unlocked doors, no security, and still no change in the reporting of mental health issue to prevent unstable people from buying legal firearms. But sure, focus on toys.

What's worse is that there is a group of students lead by a freshman at Ridgewood High planning a walkout on March 14th to continue the narrative of blaming the NRA for criminal violence. The organization of more than five million law abiding gun owners is one of the most important protectors of the second amendment and common sense keeping politicians from blaming legal gun owners for the actions of deranged killers.

Not all student protests are bad though. There's a difference between these politically motivated kids spewing talking points about the NRA and political contributions and the students at Cherry Hill High School East. The Cherry Hill students walked to support a teacher who was unfairly suspended after a kid complained that the conversation about school security in class made the student uncomfortable. Those kids deserve a medal for standing up for their teacher. The Ridgewood kids should be suspended if they walk out on March 14th. Of course, there will be those that say at least the kids are politically aware and involved. Actually, if I'm looking for a positive, that's it.

But enough of hearing from children night after night on TV news talking as if they have superior knowledge about banning certain weapon 'styles' and blaming the NRA as if that's the answer to gun violence. It's absurd and not grounded in any facts or history. The challenge is how can we expect anything else from these kids when the so-called 'adult example' is a principal fighting against a Nerf war. Time for parents to wake up and demand that people who act like scared kids themselves, as Thomas Gorman did with his note to parents, have no place serving as a role model for our kids. For that matter, the same label applies to the Cherry Hill East principal for suspending a teacher for doing exactly what he should be doing...talking to kids about real issues, problems and solutions.

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