A new business idea competition is offering aspiring high school entrepreneurs a shot at a full-tuition scholarship to Rider.

Rider business professor Lee Zane says to grab the brass ring, a high school senior must describe an innovative business idea in 400 words or less. The funding was provided by an alumnus, Norm Brodsky.

"For a potential business, they are going to want to describe what is the product or service. Who is your customer? Why does this customer want this particular product or service? and how are they going to deliver this product or service to the customer?" Zane said.

Zane said Rider have had some very interesting submissions — "They can be existing businesses, or they can be just an idea about a potential product or service."

The winner must be a high school senior. Juniors and sophomores get a cash prize and the winner automatically makes the finals as a senior. Zane said for the winner of the big prize, there is no requirement to come into the college of business.

"We actually think of entrepreneurship as more of a mindset, being innovative, looking to solve problems. It is not just about starting businesses, but it is really about looking into situations, being creative, coming up with solutions to help the business move forward."

High school students can get more information at: rider.edu/BrodskyCompetition.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5.

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