Last month, Brick finally removed red light cameras after the town received multiple complaints. Now, other towns are hoping to follow in Brick's footsteps.

Red Light Camera
Red Light Camera (Flickr User Intel Free Press)

Residents of Piscataway and South Plainfield are rallying to rid their town of red light cameras. They claim that accidents have increased in the areas where these cameras are posted. There has already been an unsuccessful attempt by the Mayor of South Plainfield to get the cameras out, but now people are coming together to protest the lights.

A listener informed Jim that the 'Stand Against the Scam' rally will be on Saturday, March 29th, from 10 am - noon. It will take place at the intersection where the cameras are located at the intersection of Stelton Avenue, and Hadley Center Drive.

Although the protest is taking place in South Plainfield, it is targeting Piscataway because the cameras are bordering the towns.



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