If you live in South Jersey, you know that Haddonfield and Moorestown are two of the nicest towns you could live in.

Criminals also know that's where the expensive cars are. This spring has seen a rash of home invasion burglaries in both towns leaving the residents on edge and looking for reassurance and protection from local police.

Back in April, residents of Haddonfield called a meeting to tell the frightening details of groups of men breaking into their homes and making off with the keys to their expensive cars.

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Surveillance video shows a group of five men smashing the front door and entering a home late at night.

Just last week the Moorestown PD put out an advisory to residents urging them to be vigilant and lock up everything. 

These crews are organized and brazen. Even with obvious security cameras in full view, these guys will break down your door to enter your home.


Some people believe that there aren't enough consequences to be a deterrent to thieves to keep them from doing this. That's probably the reason applications for gun permits have soared in recent years, along with carry permits as well.

New Jersey has seen a 3,000% increase in applications for gun carry permits since the landmark Supreme Court decision almost two years ago. The ruling class in this state warns that there would be more gun violence with this trend, while the opposite seems to be true.

Over 33,000 carry permit applications have been filed with Ocean and Monmouth counties leading the way. 

With sophisticated video surveillance not being enough of a deterrent, it's no wonder people are turning to possess their own firearms to feel safe. Maybe if the word gets out that more people in New Jersey have firearms these creeps might think twice before bashing in your front door.

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