A bill sponsored by Assemblyman Rob Clifton, R-Monmouth, would force NJ Transit to offer a free replacement ticket to a rail rider if their train is more than an hour late.

Clifton points out that a similar idea was offered for awhile by SEPTA in Pennsylvania before it was discontinued.

"We heard from the customers and the commuters about the issues. You guys (New Jersey 101.5) reported, actually, back in April, about customer service issues, customer complaints and the delays. There was a hearing back in April before your story, where folks got up and addressed their complaints."

Clifton says this refund idea is all about improving the customer experience for NJ Transit rail riders. The independently run NJ Transit reports that 13 percent of their trains in June were late.

"We also want to make the commute a better commute, a more pleasant commute for the riders."

To that end, he says he wants to work with both sides in Trenton to fix the delays.

"I hope that this bill is the beginning of a conversation that will do that."

"This may not be the answer. There may be other things that we can do, but I wanted to get the ball rolling so we can have a conversation with New Jersey Transit, to work on a better response to delays, to try to give them the tools that are needed."

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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