Unexpected pregnancies are a reality.

And women deserve to have all available information presented so that they can make an informed choice.

Sadly, many left-wing ideologues, who benefit financially from their extreme pro-abortion positions, like U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J. 5th District, are willing to stretch the truth and attack anyone who doesn't agree.

Gottheimer has one of the most extreme pro-abortion records in Congress, supporting federal funding and eliminating state's rights while supporting no reasonable restrictions.

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He's way out of touch with most Americans as 81% of Americans support some restrictions on the practice.

The bottom line is that abortion should not be a weaponized political issue to fill campaign coffers and win elections.

In New Jersey, it is a choice for women. That is unlikely to ever change. That said, most New Jersey voters do favor some restrictions. Personally, I support Congressman Chris Smith's reasonable federal limitation to 15 weeks, and it's in line with what most Americans think, yes, even in New Jersey where nearly 7 in 10 voters support some restrictions on abortion.

Spending time around the state has afforded us an opportunity to meet and interact with some of the great businesses, charities, first responders, medical centers and anything else you can think of that makes the Garden State great.

This week we broadcast my new podcast "Common Ground with Bill Spadea"  from one of the locations for Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center. I was first introduced to this important resource center for women, children — and yes, men — when a New Jersey congressman crossed the line attacking them.

Photo via Bill Spadea
Photo via Bill Spadea

Josh Gottheimer has served in Congress since being elected first in 2016. He is clearly looking at a run for higher office and many speculate that he is maneuvering to be a leading contender in the Democratic primary for governor in 2025.

Politicians looking to run need attention, of course, and there's nothing like creating a false narrative to play on current issues to get the job done. Sadly, the congressman attacked without understanding the mission, goals and services of Lighthouse.

From their website:

"Our FREE and confidential pregnancy center services include pregnancy tests, medical confirmation of pregnancy via ultrasound, options education, limited STD screening, material resources and referrals, and post-abortion counseling. Same day appointments can usually be accommodated.

Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center serves women, men and teens at-risk for, or facing, an unplanned pregnancy or related concern. We do not provide or refer for abortion; we do provide valuable services to support informed choices that will enhance your life and the lives of others." - Lighthouse Web Site

This is not a political organization talking women out of abortion. They are a counseling and medical facility explaining the real impact of the choices that are available to women in the Garden State.

They provide incredible support to women who choose to see the pregnancy through and offer resources to the babies and fathers who are often out of reach for struggling families. Lighthouse raises all private money and receives zero government funding.

Photo via Bill Spadea
Photo via Bill Spadea

Why do abortion providers collect from taxpayers but groups like Lighthouse that offer free medical care, counseling and support for women who choose to have the baby get no money and are the recipient of attacks from elected officials?

Let's empower centers that offer education and real options for women and families. Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center is a great option for many people who are struggling to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

Let's empower discussion and knowledge and stop the political radicals from shutting down critical conversations.

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