🐀 The theatres were closed Wednesday following an inspection

🐀 Another inspection is scheduled for Friday


JERSEY CITY — The AMC movie theater at Newport Centre shopping mall has been closed by a rat infestation.

The 11-theater complex was closed down after a Jersey City health inspector discovered a rat infestation, according to city spokesman Stan Eason.

The owner was specifically cited for the presence of rodents and multiple outer openings allowing the rodents a way into the building.

An inspection of the theater is scheduled for Friday. The theater owner will be charged a $100 inspection fee once all the violations are taken care of and will be required to be exterminated once a week.

The theater's website indicated Friday morning the theater is still closed due to "unforeseen maintenance."

AMC Theatre has 20 locations in New Jersey.

Screenshot of AMC Newport Centre 11 website 9/29/23
Screenshot of AMC Newport Centre 11 website 9/29/23 (AMC Theatres)

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