Deminski and Doyle asked listeners this afternoon what their favorite way to watch a movie was, and the resounding conclusion was that NJ 101.5 listeners love the classic American drive-in.

What makes drive-ins and drive-in culture so great? Read on for a few reasons we love the drive-in.

Just getting to be outside.

Brian in PA said it best: "People are grilling, tailgating, and kids are throwing the football around." Sure, movie theaters can be a great way to beat the heat, but with the early summer as beautiful as it is this week in Jersey, we don't need a reason to hang around outside.

"Let's All Go To The Lobby"

The drive-in theater craze gave birth to this iconic classic:

It makes scary movies even scarier.

Sean in Dunnelin called to let us know that seeing 'Jurassic Park' was "the most fun of all time," despite the fact that he was fairly certain there was a T-Rex coming out of the trees behind the screen.

And Jeff Deminski's dad took him to see 'Night of the Living Dead,' an experience that has left Jeff with permanent mental scars.

The Delsea Drive-in in Vineland, NJ

The Delsea, built in 1949, is the only drive-in theater in all of New Jersey. It's also the most amazingly retro and rundown establishment in perhaps the entire state.

Like Yelp user Charlee D. says: "This place needs to be cherished and patronized by every single person who doesn't want classic Jersey culture to disappear completely." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.