Jim was discussing some NJ nostalgia yesterday, asking callers what they missed most in NJ.


One type of venue that kept coming up during the hour yesterday, was all the old drive-ins that used to be around NJ.

People really enjoyed taking the car going out for the night and heading to the drive-in to watch a movie. At one point, there were 57 different drive-in theatres around the Garden State. Jim found a list of all the old drive-ins that used to be located around the state.

The majority are all closed but one still remains after all these years. The one drive-in that is still open is the Delsea Drive-In, located in Vineland NJ. If you haven't been there, below is a documentary about the theatre. You can see the footage and learn more about the Delsea Drive-In below.

What are your favorite nostalgia spots? Leave your comments below.