You may have read the story or heard it talked about on NJ1015. About 75 students from Randolph High School were pulled out of the stands and taken into the school to wait for their parents after an administrator saw a can of beer rolling on the ground at the game.

They were then ordered to go to an emergency room to be tested for alcohol consumption at four local hospitals. Wow, this is like something out of a bad teen movie.

I guess when the teachers and administrators in those movie get made fools of, it has an effect on the real life characters. I can only imagine what would be the purpose or the cause for such gross over-reaction.

Kids have been drinking or sneaking booze into high school football games since the 50's. This is not a new "phenomenon." What's new is the extreme response.

How about you look for the kid or kids that look like they might be up to something, check them out and if necessary call their parents. If it's really serious then you can get the authorities involved.

There was a much simpler and more sane resolution to the issue. Which wouldn't even be an issue if we weren't so freakin crazy about prohibiting alcohol to anyone under 21.

Most other countries around the world laugh hysterically at how we handle drinking and actually create a drinking problem in our young people.

School officials in Randolph should be embarrassed at the way they handled the situation this past Friday night, but they're not. They followed procedure. Their liability is limited by the way the situation was handled.

And most importantly, no school officials will get a blemish on their record and every one of them is a day closer to that at least 25 year vacation that is their NJEA retirement package. Whatever you do, DON'T F--K THAT UP!!!

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