For those of you who have been paying attention to the shenanigans in Trenton, you know that a bill to extend Murphy's grip on one-man rule was tabled last Thursday.

People in New Jersey made enough noise and contacted their legislators to get them to stop, or that is pause on the plans by the Democrats to continue to give the Governor emergency powers long after the emergency has ended.

That was last week. This week they decided to try again for next week.

A group of people that is paying attention for the rest of us is planning a rally in Trenton to try and stop them again. The Democratic controlled legislature is like the mischievous kid you have to constantly keep your eye on, or he'll cause you more trouble.

The rally is planned for next Thursday, June 3 at noon. The organizers want to stop the legislature from giving Murphy permanent executive power through the end of the year.

Hopefully he won't be re-elected in November, so we can end his reign of tyranny and one-man rule, but if he and the Democrat controlled legislature get their way, it may be nearly impossible to stop him. We have never seen a power grab so blatant and so brazen in our state's history, perhaps not in our country's' history.

The pandemic and the state government's reaction to it have wreaked havoc on our society. The people have been so panicked by a lazy, ideology driven media and a power-hungry political class, that they've unwittingly allowed this to happen.

It's time to wake up and take back your government representation as it was designed. A government of, for and by the people.

This message was sent out Tuesday night.

Screengrab, Facebook
Screengrab, Facebook

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