Justine Murray is a junior at Syracuse University. The Jersey girl from Denville is a writer for a paper called "Campus Report" and in her attempt to write an article about an alleged racist incident going on around the Syracuse campus, she's been harassed, threatened and intimidated.

She's concerned for her safety. She's filed a police report. The politically correct mob is bullying her simply because of her political positions. They want to protest on campus to force the Chancellor to resign. They want black students to be able to pick black roommates for their dorm rooms. And they want their story told through the lens of supportive media. This is how things have devolved on our nation's campuses.

Justine is one writer and Syracuse is one University. But the problem of bias and intimidation is rampant on campuses throughout the nation. Left wing protestors only want their voices heard. Dissent and disagreement is met with hostility and intimidation. In many cases, as we've seen with groups like Antifa who are nothing more than terrorist thugs, disagreement is met with violence. Thankfully we have courageous young women like Justine standing up for her right to exercise free speech, which is GUARANTEED by the US Constitution.

The real question is where are the adults? Where are the professors who should be standing up for everyone's right to speak out for what they believe. In the case of Syracuse, a group of black student activists shut down and intimidated the white writer and called for racially segregated dorms. Can you imagine the explosion in the media if this had been a group of white students excluding and intimidating a black writer and calling for whites only dorms? Let that sink in over the weekend. Time for people to stand up and fight back. Justine is one brave student leading the way.

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