Every parent thinks about whether they can afford to send their kid to college. When you have kids close enough in age that they’d be going at the same time that financial worry increases.

Now imagine you had quintuplets, and all five children would want to attend college all at the same time.

As NJ.com reports, this is the situation the Provolo family of Totowa faced. What they surely fretted about for almost 18 years finally came to fruition this week when they got a terrific surprise from Montclair State University.

It will all be taken care of.

Victoria, Ashley, Marcus, Masha and Michael all were pulling a GPA above 3.5 so that already qualified them for a $5,000 merit scholarship. Yet when the school learned of the family’s unique situation they surprised them with the offer of a scholarship for each covering all tuition and fees for four years. Collectively $250,000 according to the NJ.com report.

Now we will see if all five accept. Though it is reportedly the only school they applied to so I would imagine so with a deal like this.

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