When I first read the news report about the New Brunswick middle school kids being forced to run in the cold as a punishment for not adhering to uniform standards, I thought: which part was the punishment?

We had to run in the cold every day. All winter long. It wasn't a punishment. It was just life.

You had gym class so you ran. It was cold, but you had to run anyway. The idea that the temperature is a punishment for these kids proves how hypersensitive they are, physically and emotionally. It's not surprising, in a day and age when people put jackets on dogs, to imagine how much more perceived harm there could be to a HUMAN being exposed to the cold!

Well if you ever went to Catholic school running in the cold would be a welcome diversion from some of the punishments that the nuns could exact on you. I'm not Catholic, but I have had enough Catholic friends in my life to know that our generation really knew what discipline was.

From kids being dragged across the floor only by their ears to being bent over and paddled, the school punishments of yore we're definitely what could be considered cruel and unusual by today's standards and many times they occurred with your parents approval.

I know a lot of kids who had to kneel on rice for an entire class with their knees digging into each small hard granule. Trust me, they would've begged for a 25-degree day and a nice, long jogging track.

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