An investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office has concluded that the driver who caused the fatal crash that killed three people in Freehold on Aug. 19 was speeding and distracted, but was not intoxicated or using a cell phone at the time of the crash.


The accident on Kozloski Road in Freehold took place around 4 p.m, killing Noelle DeLuccio, 20, of Howell; Nicholas J. Dever, 19, of Freehold Borough and Thomas J. Koller, 50, of Freehold Township.

According to, the prosecutor's office said the crash occurred when a Volkswagen Jetta driven by Dever - and carrying DeLuccio as a passenger - was traveling southbound on Kozloski Road in the left lane when the vehicle crossed into the northbound lanes of oncoming traffic. The driver entered the fast lane on the northbound side of the road and began to cross into the slow lane when he collided with Koller's Honda Pilot.

Another driver, Shakir Hobsoll, 25, of Freehold, was in the slow lane, but wasn't able to stop fast enough, reported. Hosboll - who's name wasn't previously released by authorities - drove into the crash "and became lodged under the Honda Pilot." Hosboll survived the crash.

Just over a month after the fatal crash, another fatal accident took place on Kozloski road, prompting Monmouth County law enforcement officials to post speed warning signs along the roadway.

Noelle DeLuccio and Nick Dever with newborn daughter Mikayla Elizabeth Dever (Tony DeLuccio)
Noelle DeLuccio and Nick Dever with newborn daughter Mikayla Elizabeth Dever (Tony DeLuccio)

Noelle DeLuccio's father, Tony DeLuccio has since spoken out saying he believes it will take more than signs to slow traffic.

“Barriers are needed here," DeLuccio said in September. " Do a study, but get them up while it is being done. Signage is not going to stop a head on collision.”
Freehold and county officials reportedly are also conferring with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to explore other safety measures.
DeLuccio plans to attend Thursdays Monmouth County Freeholder Board meeting in an attempt to urge officials to take more drastic - and immediate - measure to make Kozloski Road safer. He will suggest temporary lane dividers such as those sometimes seen in construction areas.
DeLuccio, who is now raising Noelle's daughter, Mikayla, said he has "waited too long to fight this fight."

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