I've been a harsh critic of the utter nonsense that goes on in college classrooms and on college campuses. Professors act more like irresponsible incoming freshmen than mature seasoned professionals.

Young minds being warped by adults they look up to and returning home as brainwashed zombies to the horror of many of their parents.

Is there any end in sight to this lunacy? Yes!

Robert George, a professor of politics and jurisprudence at Princeton University is hoping to make a difference. George is one of 16 faculty members from Princeton, Harvard and Yale who signed a letter urging incoming freshman to "think for yourself" and warns against "the vice of conformism".

We've seen all too often in recent years how any voice with any view that doesn't agree with a dominant opinion on campus shouted down and even physically attacked. It's about time that some clear thinking mature educators try to reach these leftist zombies on campus and talk sense to them.

Maybe it will help. Maybe it will be ignored. Only time will tell. It's the start of another school year and I don't expect it to change overnight but now there's at least a little hope.

And it comes from a prestigious corner of our own backyard.

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