We've already lost comedy to a host of late night social justice warriors, virtue signaling their way to fame of misfortune. Now it's music's turn to get dumped on. You've already heard about the second year of attacks on the Christmas song, "Baby It's Cold Outside". It apparently promotes sexual assault or something like it, because women are too weak to understand what's happening.

Now the all male (can I say that?) a cappella group, the Tigertones, at Princeton has agreed to scratch a Disney tune from their act. The song "Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid has been nixed from their routine because some whiny sophomore girl name Noa Wollstien wrote the student newspaper and complained. The song encourages Prince Eric to kiss Ariel, because she wants him to kiss her. But Ms. Wollstien doesn't see it that way.

Among her inane and pointless claims is that the song is a "heteronormative attack" on "women's rights to oppose the romantic and sexual liberties taken by men." WTF does that even mean!?!? She also states that, "such expressions imply that not using aggressive physical action to secure Ariel's sexual submission makes Eric weak - an irrefutable scaredy-cat." She concludes that, "outside the realm of the move these statements suggest that masculinity is contingent on domination of women."

Obviously higher education in the hands, and minds, of people with little to no life experience is dangerous and should be checked. Maybe if Ms. Wollstein had to sweat and toil at a job to earn the money to even go to such a once prestigious university such as Princeton, she wouldn't have the time, energy or inclination to make such a misguided, wrong-headed, over analyzed moronic claim. But in the over privileged, entitled world on the modern day American university student, this somehow makes sense. And headlines!

It's sad and a shame that you'd waste an Ivy League education in the greatest country in the history of the planet, spending your time on such frivolous nonsense. What's even more sad is that the Tigertones listened to this nonsense and gave in. We are in big trouble if this trend continues. Someone has loudly and vigorous tell one of these douchie, self righteous little turds to "sit down and shut the f*** up....and oh yeah, enjoy the rest of the show!"

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