With just weeks to go before Super Bowl 46, all eyes are on the Giants and Patriots. Who will win?

Many are placing their bets. One prognosticating camel from Ocean County's Popcorn Park Zoo has her own ideas. Princess the Camel has picked the New York Giants as the winners for this year.

She's been predicting the winners of regular season and playoff games  since 2006 and has only been wrong during a Super Bowl once.

To make her pick Princess ambles over to Popcorn Park director John Bergmann, who holds a graham cracker in each hand. One is designated for each team. The one she munches is her prediction.

Bergmann values the attention Princess receives not just for the animal haven he operates, but also for the spotlight it shines on prevention of animal abuse. Popcorn Park is affiliated with Associated Humane Societies, and serves as a healing spot for animals rescued from adversity in the wild as well as in captivity. It’s also a showplace for rare and exotic creatures as well, and Princess is a prime example.

She’s a big favorite with children, and has been in the company of people practically her entire life. Before her residence at the zoo began, she was a pet of the late tobacco heiress Doris Duke, on the grounds of her New Jersey estate.

Tom Mongelli contributed to this report.

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