Prior to the Supreme Court's decision in the Bruen case on June 22, New Jersey, like New York State, basically would not issue concealed weapon carry permits unless the applicant could demonstrate an extreme need for such a permit.

Following that decision, which mandated that the state would have to issue CCW permits to all applicants unless there was a disqualifying condition, New Jersey then concocted an insanely complicated application process.

It was designed to make it impossible for vulnerable law-abiding citizens to protect themselves as stated in the U.S. Constitution and upheld by that Supreme Court decision.

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It involved redundant background and fingerprint records, multiple personal references, a HIPAA mental health records release form and a marksmanship proficiency test, all of which added several hundred dollars and 8-12 weeks to the application process.

Not satisfied with the roadblocks they had concocted, when the Legislature reconvened this September they passed a new set of regulations that made it virtually impossible to have your concealed weapon with you anywhere but in your house or car and then only if you had obtained the prescribed gun liability insurance as specified in those new regulations.

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You could not bring it into any business unless the owner or management of the business proactively created and posted a prominently displayed sign announcing that firearms were permitted on the premises. But even then, bars and restaurants that served alcohol were still off limits even if the owner wanted to post such a sign.

To make it even more ridiculously impossible, if you wanted to go into one of those businesses, you had to leave your concealed weapon in your car unloaded in a locked box secured to the vehicle.

The governor signed those new regulations into law two days before Christmas on Dec. 23 hoping few would notice. Luckily, the right people who care about all of our rights did notice.

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In response to a lawsuit filed by a New Jersey gun rights group, a federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order blocking the implementation of those new regulations until the case can be heard and a decision rendered.

These overreaching, un-American, insulated and insulant members of the N.J. Legislature and Gov. Murphy knew this would happen. But they keep trying anything they can to make sure you continue to be a sitting duck in an increasingly violent and uncertain world. And they're proud of themselves. Shame on all of them.

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