The financially struggling Postal Service wants to raise the price of stamps three cents, to 49 cents for a first class mark.

Andrew Burton, Getty Images
Andrew Burton, Getty Images

Budget cuts, combined with a severe drop of traditional mail, is putting the industry in dire straits. Several offices throughout New Jersey have been closed and hours and services cut elsewhere.

This year the agency is expected to lose $6 billion. The request would still need approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission, which is an independent agency.

Many residents say a potential increase wouldn't affect them too much, since they send very few old fashioned envelopes anymore.

"Before I used [the post office] every day or every month," says one Parlin resident, "but now I only use it once in a while."

One resident adds the three cents won't be a significant amount for him to notice, especially if it means preserving the Post Office.

"I can't miss three cents, if I go to the store and they give me three cents I'll usually leave it on the counter."

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