There are two spots in Brick Township along the Barnegat Bay that have grown in popularity over the years.

They are known as F-Cove and Trader's Cove. Both sites have been shut down for months for a variety of reasons. It looks as if, for now anyway, that it will stay that way.

The problem was simple. The areas are on environmentally sensitive land smack dab in the center of a wildlife refuge. People would show up on their boats, bring beer, party, litter and do all sorts of other things on the property - some things that aren't FCC friendly for the radio. This had officials concerned for the nature on the site and had the state looking closer.

An appearance on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore a few seasons back created more traffic for the area and more problems. This prompted the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service to close the areas to foot and boat traffic. The decision was met with controversy from locals who were upset about being denied access to the land.

Virginia Rettig is the manager of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. The entire thing runs from Brick Township all the way down to Galloway for about 50 miles. Rettig says "the whole experience with F-Cove and T-Cove had us rethinking the entire span of the refuge. We are now looking at options for the sites to see how we can allow reasonable access while not disturbing the wildlife that's there."

The F-Cove location, located right near the Traders Cove Marina site was originally allocated for a residential lagoon community. Plans for development in the area fell through due to the economy and other undisclosed reasons.

There was also an issue about what was allowed on the land. After several were caught doing things that are normally done in private on the site, officials looked long and hard about what message it was sending - also it was putting people's safety at risk as well.

Rettig says "our position at this point is to review possibilities and hear from the public about what they think. We will take the data collected to formulate a response."

They plan to hold public meetings later this year to hear from both sides of the arguments.

The one thing we know for sure? Both F-Cove and Traders Cove will remain closed for the rest of the summer of 2012.