Well played Popeyes.

Popeyes is bringing back their coveted chicken sandwich and the timing couldn't be more obvious. First of all, yes, this is the same chicken sandwich that started as a limited-time item but turned out to be so popular that it became far more limited than Popeyes bargained for when they literally ran out of supplies.

This led to anger on social media from the chicken sandwich addicted and a hysterical rant from our producer Joe Votruba. Making things even worse, Popeyes tried responding to that fallout with some humor in the form of ads suggest a byob fix (bring your own bun) to create your own sandwich with tenders. Once that fell flat, they got serious.

They have been working diligently to find reliable suppliers to keep them in stock continuously and apparently all is now right in the chicken world. They have announced Sunday, Nov. 3 as the day the beloved chicken sandwich returns.

This is an obvious swipe at Chic-fil-a, a fast food joint that has always remained closed on Sundays due to their founder's strong-held religious beliefs. Capitalizing on that, Popeyes is pouncing. I'm sure they want to fill that Nov. 3 void with offering the chicken sandwich and possibly capturing even more fans to steal some marketshare.

In fact check out the promotional video where they feature side by side signs pointing out Popeyes is open Sundays when the competition is not. Oh yeah, this is war baby! Remember the cola wars? Welcome the era of chicken wars.

At least Joe Votruba will be in a better mood next week.

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