Some will argue that the reason the country is in the shape it’s in is due to the fare of tv shows and movies that don’t stimulate any thought – but are what I like to call “brain dead.”

“Honey Boo Boo,” “Jersey Shore,” the “Housewives” saga, all don’t require any thinking on the viewers part – just sit back and laugh.

(Ironic for Daniels as he’s the star of one of the most “thought provoking tv series” currently – “The Newsroom!”)

The movie, despite the critics hating it, resounded big time with the movie viewing public – winning the box office race by posting $38.1 million dollars in its opening weekend.

Not bad for a movie with no redeeming value.

But then again, if the redeeming value is just to make people laugh for 2-plus hours, and get away from all the horrid headlines – then it’s done its job.

We all have a favorite “brain dead” movie. I have a few in mind.

Probably the one that comes off the top of my head is “Tropic Thunder” – the Ben Stiller “classic” – starring, among others, Robert Downey Junior. Then again, once you see the name “Ben Stiller,” you think “brain dead.”

And yet, he laughing all the way to the bank.

Do you have a favorite "brain dead" movie?

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