New Jersey is considered to have some of the strictest rules related to betting on college sports, and there's a proposal to take the state's restrictions even further.

A new bill from state Sen. Kristin Corrado, R-Passaic, would eliminate the opportunity for gamblers in New Jersey to place any "prop" bets on collegiate match-ups.

Her measure prohibits sports wagering licensees in the state from offering or accepting player-specific proposition bets (how many points someone will score in a game, for example).

Corrado's legislation essentially reflects the wishes of the NCAA, which believes that prop bets are a threat to the integrity of collegiate competition. Players in a number of states have gone on the record to say that they've been harassed by bettors because they didn't perform well enough to secure a prop bet win.

"This legislation will ban player-specific prop betting in New Jersey, which will help curb that appalling behavior, and make college athletic events safer for all participants," Corrado said.

College prop betting is currently banned in many states. In New Jersey, college prop betting is allowed, but no wagers may be made on college games occurring in New Jersey, or any college games involving a New Jersey team, no matter the location.

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