NUTLEY — Less than two weeks after a dog bolted out of its owner’s home and mauled a baby in her stroller, township police say another pit pull went on a rampage in this community, attacking a smaller dog and its owner.

friendly dog Pitbull terrier puppy
Note: This is not the dog that was involved in the attack mentioned in the story. (yamong, ThinkStock)

As a result of the two recent attacks, local officials have stepped up enforcement for all dog owners in Nutley, who are asked to notify the township when they get a new pet, especially a large dog.

The latest incident took place on April 15 at the intersection of Centre Street and Ravine Avenue. A woman was walking her pit bull "Toby" when it got loose and charged at a smaller dog nearby, Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari. The woman was knocked to the ground as the pit bull attacked the other dog, biting its neck, police said.

Montanari said the responding officer "had to get the dog in a headlock" in order to restrain it and get it away from the smaller dog until another officer arrives with equipment to restrain the pit bull.

Police say the dog was taken to an animal hospital for puncture wounds to his throat as well as wounds to his ear. The owner of the smaller dog suffered bites to her hand and leg while trying to get the get her dog away from the pit bull, according to Montanari.

The pit bull apparently has a history of attacking, police said.

The woman walking the pit bull told police that she was watching the dog on behalf of its actual owners, who live in Midland Park, because the dog had been involved in another biting incident.

Following this recent attack, Montanari said, she decided to return the dog to its original owner.

The woman was issued summonses for not having a licensed dog and for "having a vicious dog at large." There is no word yet regarding what will happen to animal.

Montanari said officers are not exactly trained on how to handle vicious dog attacks, although they do carry equipment to restrain them. In this case, he said, the officer heard the smaller dog's owner screaming and acted "instinctively."

"Kudos to this officer because it could have been much more serious to this smaller dog and to the woman as well," Montanari said.

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