Thursday night Governor-elect Phil Murphy appeared at Glen Ridge Women's Club. The New Jersey Working Families Alliance was holding its 10th anniversary gala where they were honoring several people. One person who was clearly being dishonored was Governor Chris Christie. Some idiot thought it would be a grand idea to prop up a life-size cardboard cutout of the famous picture of Christie sitting in a beach chair. If you don't recall, this goes back to when the state government shut down and the public wasn't allowed to use the beach at Island Beach State Park but Christie went right ahead with his plans.

Bad enough that someone thought this was a classy move. Even worse for the incoming governor to pose, both before and after his speech, for photo ops standing behind the Christie cutout. I was outspoken about Christie's move to use the beach. It was terrible public relations and put his entire arrogant style on display. But Phil Murphy should have some class and allow the past to be the past. The election is over, Phil. What you did Thursday night showed your true colors. You don't like Christie, we get it. The NJ Working Families Alliance, which wants sick leave for all New Jerseyans and a $15 an hour minimum wage, doesn't like Christie. We get it.

This was unnecessary, childish mockery from a governor-elect who told us the days of a leader being a bully were over. Really Phil? You haven't even taken office and you already showed your lack of character. Instead of ridiculing an outgoing governor perhaps he should be working on ways to actually make all his progressive promises a reality.

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