Imagine writing a song so good that rock legends Carl Perkins, The Band, and Rick Danko want to record it. That's what happened when Vineland's Paul Jost wrote "Book Faded Brown," which also appears on his CD "Breaking Through."

The first one to do it was Perkins and it was on an album called "Friends, Family, and Legends" also playing were Paul Shaeffer and Will Lee of "The Late Show with David Letterman." Jost says of Perkins, "One of the nicest people I've ever met, he wrote me some really beautiful things." As for the Band, "I loved the band growing up, I was actually doing a jingle for a friend in Chicago, also on it was Rick Danko who was shown the song and fell in love with it. He showed it to the Band and they recorded it."

Jost is an eclectic artist. A vocalist, drummer, arranger, and composer who is frequently in New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey along with recent tours in South Korea, Ireland and Germany. He continues in a residency at the acclaimed New York City jazz room 55 Bar and can be heard at many other venues throughout the city. He is honored to have been invited by acclaimed pianist Orrin Evans to perform together as part of residencies at SMOKE in NYC and South Restaurant and Jazz Parlor in Philadelphia.

Paul also performs in South Jersey often and was a music director at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City for eight years, and he performed a couple summers for Atlantic City Alliance when it was making a comeback in around 2014, 2015. He’s a NJ boy – all the way!

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