My State Senator Dawn Marie Addiego just gave the middle finger to anyone who ever voted for her and those who believe the state is and has been heading in the wrong direction. I voted for Ms. Addiego at least a dozen times over the years, for town council in Evesham, for county Freeholder, for assembly and for the state senate. And she just said "f@# you losers" to all of us. In this jetliner heading for a crash that is New Jersey, she took the only parachute, headed for the exit, turned around, gave all of us on board the finger and said, "good luck suckers, I got mine", and jumped off.

She didn't feel like being on the losing team anymore, so she switched sides. It can only be described as selfish, cowardly, disgusting, traitorous, deeply disappointing and purely self centered. In her statement announcing her switch from the Republican to Democrat party in the State Senate she said her constituents "did not elect me to be content in the role of loyal opposition." Yes we did! I'm not a Republican or a Democrat. Like the majority of NJ voters I've registered as independent. But the one party that offers some hope against this state taking all of our rights and our money is the party that got you elected to public office in Burlington County for the last 25 years.

I guess at those cocktail parties that powerful, politically connected lawyers go to, the thought of being associated with that horrible Donald Trump was too much to take. Well Ms. Addiego, this isn't Washington D.C., and your allegiance is to the poor suffering taxpayers that kept electing you to office. But I guess it really isn't. You can get a lot more out of your political career and your legal practice if you're on the winning team with all the power and money. She's got her state pension, which will pale in comparison to the wealth and power she can amass by being in the crowd with all the juice.

For the rest of us suckers that thought there are at least a handful of people trying to fight for smaller government, liberty and lower taxes, it's a tough pill to swallow. But you can look at Dawn Marie Addiego not as a vulture or any other vicious bird of prey like most New Jersey politicians. No, she is the canary in the coal mine, your warning sign to run, to get out while you still have a chance. If someone with that much power, position and influence is jumping ship to another party, it's you signal to jump to another state...before it's too late!

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