I've said many times that one of the major problems with local and state government, is they need to stop making things harder for small businesses and instead help them thrive.

Tom's Diner was built in Paterson, NJ by the Silk City Dining Car Company. It is one of the oldest diners, not just in NJ. The Seretis family purchased this historic gem in 1958 and ran it proudly until 2nd generation owner, Frank Seretis, passed away in 2004. Now 3rd generation owner, Tom Seretis, plans to restore the family legacy.

My colleague at Chasing News, Ariene Datil worked on this story about Tom Seretis' efforts to restore the iconic eatery.  "I never, ever had intentions of selling it," Seretis stated.

Tom launched the Restore Toms Diner campaign in an effort to stave off violations and a Vacant Property law that could derail the possibilities of Tom's Diner every reopening their doors. "basically if you're a vacant property you have to register it with the town," Seretis said.

I am all about the effort to remodel Tom's Diner and reopen the iconic establishment but I did tell Tom that he has to do one single thing for me when they reopen. He has to have good hash browns. I hate those same, boring potatoes that all the diners in Jersey have. So I'm expecting big things from Tom's Diner when they reopen.

You can learn more about the restoration efforts on their website, Facebook page and following them on Twitter as well.


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