Did you ever have one of those days where you oversleep and because of that, everything seems off the rest of the day? I'm having one of those days today and I blame Apple.

I was going to install the iPhone's new operating system and it said it was going to take something like 27 minutes to download, so I plugged it into the charger next to my bed and went to sleep, confident that when I woke up my phone would have finished downloading and installing iOS 7. I guess I should point out that my iPhone is my alarm clock; well, usually it is.

I typically get up at six, so that is what the alarm clock feature is set for; my wife gets up around the same time and the three kids a short time later. Well, as should be obvious by now, the alarm never went off and my wife and I didn't get up until the dog started barking at 6:37 AM. We hustled out of bed and headed downstairs, where we were met by all three kids, two of whom were dressed and had apparently foraged their breakfast. Our youngest was sitting at the kitchen table in his pajamas awaiting his breakfast.

My wife asked why my alarm didn't go off so I grabbed my phone, put in my passcode and was met with a screen that said "Continue" with a green button. I touched the button and that apparently completed the installation of the new operating system. It couldn't just finish on its own, I guess. That is why my alarm never went off. It had to finish the installation process first. So, since I got up late I read my newspapers late and looked at stuff on the internet late and worked out late. The whole day seems weirdly off just because of 37 minutes.