This is a pretty cool discovery. As you may have heard my family and I are moving to a new home in Hunterdon County. Along with a lot of painting and tinkering, this also means a lot of hanging pictures and mirrors. It's a task I hate because I often don't have a good eye for when something is level. And I think I already stupidly packed my level with some other tools but in a miscellaneous box and I'm not sure which one.

Then I stumbled across this article from It's all about stuff your iPhone can do that you maybe weren't aware of. Turns out if you pull up the compass on your iPhone and swipe it to the left, it turns into a level! I had no idea! I already tried it out and it works great. As I write this in fact, I find my dining room table is one degree off level. But the end table next to my sofa is perfectly flat. Voila! Now I don't have to figure out which box I packed that stupid level in before I start hanging things.

Other tips I didn't know include shaking your phone to make an incorrectly written text go away quickly instead of the more time consuming deleting, kind of like an Etch-A-Sketch, and how to speed up your iPhone by clearing your RAM.

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