We've heard it for years. From the impossible to obtain carry permits to the ridiculous cases brought against Philly mom Shaneen Allen and Jersey's own Carlo Bellario, gun laws in New Jersey are far too strict. Apparently that Jersey mentality has now gotten to your iPhone. Remember the little pistol emoji in your phone? It was right near the swords and the bomb with the fuse? It was a little black and silver handgun. Not anymore.

I just did a software update on my iPhone 6 Friday morning and look what that gun has now been turned into.

The gun emoji has been replaced with a watergun emoji
Screenshot / Jeff Deminski

Yep, they have turned it into an obvious toy gun made in bright colors. Because apparently the emoji gun could have actually killed somebody. Or apparently a police officer looking over your shoulder might see your emoji gun and decide it was a real gun and draw his weapon on you.

Of course these all remain unchanged.

Yet the bomb, knife and sword emojis remain
Screenshot / Jeff Deminski

Further proof that this world has indeed gone crazy.

-Jeff Deminski

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