Our U.S. Senator Cory Booker has a new scheme to fix income inequality. Don't worry, if you're a guilt ridden liberal, yes it does involve your money. He wants to give all young people $50k when they turn 18. I didn't have that kind of money when I turned 18. My parents couldn't afford to send me to college. Of the four of us, only the oldest went to a state school for four years and he commuted. We were middle class. My three kids certainly didn't get 50k and only one of them graduated a four year college. We're also middle class.

Cory "Storybook" Booker (he always speaks like he's reading a fantastic children's tale, eyes wide with excitement) on the other hand went to Oxford and Yale and grew up in a fairly affluent family. Good for him. His parents made good choices, as did he going through school. That's what success in America is about, making the best of the opportunities this country provides.

This scheme would give a child $1,000 at birth and up to $2,000 a year 'til age 18 according to the parents' income. The money would be used for college or buying a house. I can't tell you how infuriating this is to me and should be to every American who pays taxes and knows their history. This is not the American way and should be laughed at and derided and ludicrous and insane. But no, many younger Americans who believe in his "social justice" garbage think this is just an ingenious way to "level the playing field".

The groups these social justice warriors want to help with more government programs, treating them like less capable humans, are the same groups that have been hurt and help back by government "help" for the last 50 years. Since the "war on poverty" began 50 years ago, giving people money and benefits they didn't earn, poverty has grown slightly, after spending trillions of your tax dollars.

Because of "Storybooker's" smooth eloquent Oxford and Yale oratory skills and his transparent yet somehow effective acting ability, some people actually applaud his insane ideas. How you choose to live your life and raise your kids has nothing to do with the federal government. Someone making $250k a year may make far worse choices with their money and therefore not be able to send their kids to college, than someone making $55k a year. That's not the kid's fault, but by this plan the "wealthier" kid would suffer. Exactly the point. We are a product of our parents and our own choices. If we f*** that up, no one should pay for it but ourselves!

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