With Former Vice President Dick Cheney's recent heart transplant in the news, what more opportune time to bring up organ donation; and how to encourage more of them.

So according to an op-ed piece published yesterday, there’s a proposal being made by the New Jersey Sharing Network, called the Golden Rule proposal, in which health insurers in New Jersey would be permitted to limit transplant coverage for people who decline to register as organ donors.

You would still be able to receive an organ, but that coverage would be limited should you decline to become an organ donor yourself.

This is meant to increase the pool of possible organ donors, which now is fairly low.

According to the piece, we would be the first state in the nation to adopt such a provision.

The only thing missing now is a sponsor for the measure, but I’m sure one will come forward soon enough to attach either his or her name to it.

What’s interesting too is that Israel has adopted a policy that goes even a step further in giving preferential treatment to you as a recipient if you are listed as a possible donor.

The overall consensus is that it sounds fair given the number of patients waiting to receive organs and the limited number of potential donors.


While it may not fly morally, shouldn’t you, the possible donor, be able to decide how your body is disposed of when you die…without the possible governmental coercion?

Simplistic as it sounds, passing a law that would “twist your arm” into possibly donating an organ, violates one’s personal liberty…no matter how selfish your motive may be.

The “Golden Rule” should simply be left “golden” and altruistic in nature…that is, up to the individual to decide the fate of his or her organs.

The following video was recorded by commenter Henry B, who, although the recipient of an organ donation himself, feels it best left up to the individual to decided how best to dispose of one's organs.

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