Over the weekend the world watched horrific footage of savage attacks by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Many of us have called for aggressive action against this act of war and brutality.

On Newsmax on Saturday morning, I shared my sentiment that it is not enough to assert that Israel has the right to self-defense.

That is understood for all civilized nations. It's critical to take the next step and call for the obliteration of Hamas and Hezbollah.

The Jewish state lives in a constant tension as anti-Semitism and a call for the elimination of Israel is the main stated goal of Hamas.

Unfortunately, there are too many politicians, especially Democrats, who make Israel out to be the moral equivalent of terror organizations like Hamas.

As a result, the Biden administration released $6 billion in oil revenue to the terror-supporting state of Iran.

Hamas has made it clear that Iran helped finance and plan the deadly attacks. In addition, the Biden regime reinstituted payments canceled by President Trump to Hamas, which clearly helped fuel its confidence that they could get away with butchering and kidnapping civilians.

New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew weighed in on the morning show to discuss this issue and the American response.

Congressman Van Drew represents a huge swath of South Jersey in the second district which includes Ocean, Atlantic, Cumberland and Gloucester Counties.

He shared his thoughts about how the crisis in Israel has been building for some time.

Specifically pointing to the massive amount of weaponry left behind during Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He pointed to the squandering of hundreds of billions on Ukraine, a war that simply would not have happened under Trump.

Then he reiterated that the billions of dollars released to Iran with the lifting of sanctions.

He called for immediate solidarity with Israel and cautioned Americans to stay vigilant as we have no idea the number of terrorists who have crossed the open southern border.

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